Murdoch University's Bike Month will be grand

Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Thanks to two Bike Month grants from WestCycle and the DOT, Murdoch is on track to implement a couple of key actions from our soon-to-be-finalised Active Travel Plan: a Rusty Riders workshop followed by a social ride, a bike repair service during our popular Thursday Market Day, and finally a Bike to Uni breakfast for staff and students who ride to campus on the 30th. We're promoting the #RideTogetherWA competition, too.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Leah - and welcome back to Your Move for 2020! Great to hear that you have been beavering away even in your absence. You earned 50 points for getting the Bike Month grants - thanks for sharing your plans (reading between the lines you have clearly had a planning session or two, so I have given you 15 points for that too). Looking forward to reading some more stories in the coming weeks to hear how your plans come together.

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Thanks @James, it's good to be back! We've got some interesting stuff happening around our Travel Plan too, namely liaising with a college on campus that generates a lot of vehicle traffic. They may be our first crack at implementing our new communications strategy and workshopping a design-thinking approach to solving the problem. Will keep you posted!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Ohhh, did you say 'Active Travel Plan'? We'd love to hear about it, why did the Uni want one, what is it aiming to help with (carbon footprint, health, traffic?) and what are some of the key actions? Creating a Travel Plan is worth 100 points because we think they are so crucial.

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