2023 Year 6 Assembly

Andrew Gould
Nedlands Primary School

At the 2023 Year 6 Assembly, students wrote short sketches that explained the school rules to the rest of the school community. They covered themes such as our PBS expectations, behaviour policies and included a sketch about the Your Move program and Active Travel to school.

The students demonstrated how to lock their bikes into the bike racks, and using humour, demonstrated how students walk their bikes when in crowded places, and the correct way to wear your helmet!

This tradition will take place again in the coming weeks at NPS for this year's year 6 students.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a fun assembly item from last term - I'm glad this story didn't slip through the cracks! You have earned 30 points for including YM in an assembly item and 10 for sharing the details. I look forward to this term's edition 😁!

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