Students First Survey

Andrew Gould
Nedlands Primary School

Today, the Your Move House Captains did their first Hands Up Survey for the year. They were anxious at first, but as we practiced the script and role played how to carry out the survey, their nerves quickly subsided.

They formulated the plan, to split off into Houses and then take a "logical" set of classes to survey.

The students reported back that some of the classes took took too long to survey, because the teachers were doing too much story-telling about the benefits of walking to school! I saw that as a good thing!

Well done Students!

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James (Your Move)

I love how the teachers were "taking too much time" 😂. Thanks for sharing your reflections on the team's first 2024 HUS - you have earned 10 points (on top of the 50 points you automatically got when you uploaded the results)!

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