On Thursday 29 Oct 2015 all out Year 4 students participated in a series of four of Bike Education lessons as part of their Sports Program. The bike education was run through the WestCycle Bike Skills Program and was part of the School's successful Connecting Schools Grant. The series culminated in an out of school ride under the watchful eye of instructors, school staff and parent volunteers on 3rd Dec 2015.

During the pick up and drop off times on each of the Thursdays, that the year four students were bringing in their bikes, the rest of the school community was encouraged to park away from school and walk in with students wherever possible to reduce the number of motor vehicles with the increase in bicycle traffic.

At the end of the series all the students were able participate in the out of school ride and the lure of this event helped them maintain focus during the lead up lessons.
We were delighted with how far many of the students progressed since lesson 1 and really appreciated the time the parents and staff were able to devote to support the event. Behind the scenes there were parents working on keeping the grant on track, as well as co-ordinating the repair station/grounds work.

Congratulations to our Year Four students for the way they rose to the challenge and performed so well during this term's Bike Ed program. We had such terrific feedback from the instructors about the way the students had focussed and shown progress during skills sessions. We thank Richard and Mike from WestCycle for their work with the classes as well as the wonderful support shown by families to get bikes to school each week.
Thanks to everyone who has been part of making this work so well.

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