2022 Hands Up Survey

Heather Barrett

This Monday we completed our Semester 2 Hands Up survey. The results are a mixed bag this time around.

2022 has been a challenging year for our school and the greater Armadale area. With so many families affected by housing shortages, we've had to say goodbye to many NBPS families, as well as getting creative to support our students making their way to school from new locations.

With that in mind, it doesn't surprise me to see that the percentage of families travelling via car has increased. That being said, it's encouraging to look at the data and recognise that we have a very consistent group of students who have regularly walked and ridden to school over the past year. With so much going on in the community, it's rewarding to have that stability to lean on.

There's plenty we can improve on in 2023, but I do want to recognise some of the wins we've had this year that have helped keep our trusty 30% on track. We still have a bunch of Your Move umbrellas popping up on rainy days from our order last year - super impressed with the longevity AND the student responsibility. The older students are taking fantastic ownership of the bike racks and are very excited watching the new shelter being built.

Our lovely crossing guard graces Neerigen Brook every morning and afternoon and has been doing a wonderful job of making students feel safe crossing the road. With an ongoing community focus on street safety, we hope to see this continue in 2023.

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James (Your Move)

Yes, there are often lots of external factors that affect Active Travel, and it sounds like Neerigen Brook has had it's fair share recently 😕. Despite a reduction in walking, it is good to see that PT and bike use increases provided some balance. You have earned 20 points for your reflections here, on top of the 50 points you automatically earned when you entered your survey results through our online tool.

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