Big Kids on Bikes

Heather Barrett
Neerigen Brook Primary School

This term, our lucky Year 5s and 6s have been receiving bike education lessons every Tuesday morning.

There is nothing better than seeing the excitement on the kids' faces when they notice the People on Bikes team setting up on the basketball courts. Quite a few of the younger students have asked when it will be their turn, so I think we've earned the seal of approval!

Our intrepid reporters consulted with participants to update us on their learning. Shruti in Year 6 said, "we have been learning about safe habits when riding our bikes. Christina showed us how to fit our helmet correctly with only two fingers fitting between our forehead and the helmet. She also showed us how to adjust the strap so it fit safely and wouldn’t fall off if we had an accident."

Omar in Year 6 shared that "we learned how to get on the bike safely and correctly by tipping the bike sideways a little, putting one foot onto the pedal, then pushing off. Lastly, we swing our leg over and off we go."

Watching from afar, it seemed like Rooms 10 and 12 were having buckets of fun. When pressed for details, Shirlyn in Year 5 gave us a detailed recount: "we’ve learnt lots on how to ride safely and played lots of games to make it fun. We had to ride around the cones, learning how to steer correctly and how to brake safely using both brakes and definitely not using just the front brake when you’ve been riding really fast! We played follow the leader to learn how to keep our distance and not crash into each other. It’s also important when riding around a corner to make sure the inside pedal is up not down, so it doesn’t hit the ground. There were lots of games that helped us learn to balance when riding fast or slow."

Azhure in Year 6 was keen to share that "some of us had never ridden a bike before so it was exciting but scary. One girl was so excited to have ridden a bike she was singing all day, “I can ride a bike. I can ride a bike”. These lessons have been so much fun. The main idea we have learnt is to “Never be afraid to conquer something new”."

Bike Ed has been a fantastic way to enrich our Health and Physical Education lessons. With the big kids modelling great safety habits and physical fitness, younger students' interest has been piqued. As we move towards 2023, it is clear that organising regular sessions will be a crowd-pleasing move.

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