Bike Education Brainiacs

Heather Barrett

Neerigen Brook has been exceptionally fortunate to be blessed with a second round of bike education sessions. As we have been working so hard on developing our informative text writing skills, we put the call out for student submissions, and are proud to share an update from two intrepid reporters.

Don’t you want to have a safe bike to ride? Last Tuesday Room 10 went down to the basketball court to do a bike education incursion run by a group called People on Bicycles. We met two people named Christina and Chris who taught us the ABC’s of bike maintenance. This should be completed every time you ride your bike to ensure user safety.

The A stands for Air in our tyres.

The B stands for Brakes.

The C stands for chain and cables.

They taught us how to check our bikes before we ride them and what to look out for. Although we only had three bikes, it was great to get up and close and look to see how they work and need to be maintained. We also learned how to use the pump to pump up our tyres to the right pressure.

“We need to educate you to know how to fix your bike when needed,” explained Christina from People on Bicycles.

"It was great to be able to work on bikes at school and learn all about bike safety. It allows those of us that ride our bikes to school to be safe," shared a student from Room 10.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Heather and team 😊. Thanks for this SUPER update on your Bike Ed sessions with People of Bicycles. You mention that this was a second session - was the first session the actual Bike Ed and the second session for the maintenance workshop? Either way, you have put together an excellent student exposé on the day and that has earned you 25 points on top of the 40 points for sharing how you used your Super Boost funding for these Bike Ed sessions. Great stuff everyone!

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Hi James, this was our first session - I am a little behind in posting! We didn't realise the incursion did not include bikes this time around, so we used the time to focus on building our maintenance skills on the bikes we did have.

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