We have had a busy start to Term 2 at Neerigen Brook Primary School. Our student team have had their first team meeting and, alongside our lovely parent volunteers, we have come up with some ideas for change to benefit our local community.

Of course, there's always lots to work towards. We've decided to focus this term on improving safety in our community by mapping and promoting the best ways to walk, scooter, and ride to school.

After surveying lots of our students and families, we put together a map of the most frequently used routes. We noticed there were lots of roads without paths, and pretty few traffic crossings. One of our parent volunteers was so helpful to survey other families and devise her own list of sections that need some TLC. Clearly, there's some work to be done!

We contacted the Armadale Council to discuss our concerns, and they're keen to get involved in planning some improvements. A visit from some of the councillors to walk the area with us is on the cards, and we know there's lots we can achieve together. With all of the initiatives and activities our team have been busy planning, I know the Council will have plenty on their plate.

Whew - our student team is keeping busy!

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James (Your Move)

An excellent initiative Heather. Your approach is sounding very systematic so I imagine the City of Armadale will be very pleased with the work you have done. Great to hear too that the councillors are likely to get a hands-on feel of the issues you are facing. You have earned 30 points for this initiative and another 20 points for clearly explaining your approach.

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Heather, you have the making of an Access Guide! This is a great little map with lots of other "stuff" & is a good way to encourage Active Travel. Check out the Rewards Shop.

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