Classroom activity: knowledge sharing

Heather Barrett

This week, the middle primary classes got thinking about active travel during their health lessons.

Students were tasked with reflecting on how they and their families get to school - how do they travel, how do they stay safe, and what advice would they have for the younger students?

"I walk to school with my dad. I look left and right before crossing the road and follow the traffic wardens. They help us cross the road safely." - Justin

"I ride my sister's scooter to school. I rode on the footpath and I will wear my helmet on the way home. I also looked out for cars and waited until they were gone to cross the road safely." - Bella

"Most days, I go to school in my mum's car. I usually warn her about people who are walking or cars that are coming. I also look out for bikers. That is how we go to school safely." - Annabelle

"My nan drove me to school this morning. She drove slowly, she stopped at the traffic lights and stopped to give way to walkers. It is a safe way to go to school." - Timothy

"I used to go to school by car but now I ride my bike. I think I'm more active using the bike. To stay safe, I wear a helmet, stay on the footpath, I look for cars before crossing and if they are relly close to me I will stop and wait. Wait and be safe!" - Lochlyn

We were blown away with how many thoughtful ideas the students had to share - lots talked about our crossing guard, who joined our school community last year, and many had things to say about electric scooter safety. Overall, it was a great way to get students talking and sharing ideas and experiences, helping make our health lessons engaging and relevant to their world.

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James (Your Move)

Nice on Heather and middle primary! The students have produced some lovely images and you have done a great job in drawing out aspects of road safety and benefits of active travel. You have earned 25 points for this activity, plus 15 points for a really nicely written story (and student content). Have a ripper of a weekend everyone 😎!

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