Term 2 is flying by! With all of the activities and initiatives we've got planned for Your Move, we were finding it a little tricky to keep everyone updated about it all. To combat this, we've formed a Teams channel to keep our staff in the know.

We do almost all of our collaboration and communication via Teams, so it was a natural choice for Your Move. It allows our staff leaders to share key information about events, programs, and activities, and provides a forum for feedback, too. Updating staff is so much quicker and easier this way!

It's also made it super easy for our staff team to collaborate and share the workload. This has saved us so much time - goodbye endless email chains!! - and helps us stay on top of our key priorities.

You can even add notes that can be edited by other members. We've made a directory of our main links, so that the entire staff team can get involved with the click of a button.

The best part of all? You can upload and organise tons of documents to be accessed by anyone in the school, and even pin key documents to the top of the pane. Goodbye, rushed library trips!

We're still getting the hang of using Teams for Your Move, but it's definitely proving to be a worthwhile endeavour. I love that anyone in the school can contribute - it makes the project so much more collaborative without adding any extra work into the mix. Score!

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Haha - thanks, Natasha - maybe project management's my next step!

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