Early Childhood Bike Education

Heather Barrett

Our Early Childhood block has been hard at work establishing their new bike routes through the yard, complete with brand new wayfinding signs.

We have five wonderful bikes (including an awesome tandem bike!) and a scooter for the children to ride during playtime, complete with plenty of helmets.

Neerigen Brook P.S. is a PBS school, and so we believe that all kids need to be taught new concepts and behaviours in a safe, supportive, and explicit environment. Our Early Childhood teachers have been teaching our students about safe travel in the community and the yard, and have learned about the meanings of different signs we may find when we are out and about. Each and every moment with the bikes is a brilliant opportunity for us to teach and reinforce positive, healthy behaviours that we hope will support them in being lifelong active community members.

In the playground, our kids LOVE riding the bikes and roleplaying as bus, truck, and train drivers. We love seeing their beautiful big smiles as they ride lap after lap on our long, snaking paths. We hope to add new ground-based stencilled directions to further enrich their play.

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James (Your Move)

They are some impressive road safety facilities you have there Heather, I bet the kids really appreciate the practical lessons they get. I have linked your story to the "Promote road safety" activity for Term 1 which gives you 60 points, as the wayfinding activity wasn't the best match. I have also given you a bonus 10 points for all the details and giving us a great read - thanks!

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