Our first order of business for our new student team: kicking off active travel days in preparation for a big Term Two effort.

We reviewed our attendance data for the term and identified that Mondays and Fridays typically have low attendance (relative to the rest of the week). Clearly, we have some work to be done!

Our students decided that Fridays would be the best day for our active travel push - something to look forward to each week, and an excellent motivator to attend school. Even better, one of our student leaders suggested turning it into a class competition. Each week, our classes will log how many students rode, walked, or scootered to school, and our student leaders will record it on the blackboard in the courtyard near the bike racks.

The class with the highest Friday participation will receive a special treat at the end of the term to celebrate. We can't wait to report back on our progress with our next Hands Up survey.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Heather - all set to go for Term 2, excellent! Good idea to combine it too with class competition. Normally we don't score an activity until it has actually occurred, but it seems it is all ready to go so we'll make an exception this time. So you have earned 90 points for starting up your FFF in Term 2. Once the competition is up and running too let us know and you can receive another 50 points for that as well each term. Can't wait to hear how it all goes next term!

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