We've had a very busy Term 4, and one of our biggest priorities has been promoting our Kindy program for 2023. We've had enough enrolments to justify a whole new class (woohoo!) which means plenty of new faces to get to know in the school community.

The lovely Mr Cahill, our resident ECE champion, has been hard at work running kindy information and orientation sessions. Whether it be the drop-in morning we had a few weeks back, with visitors from local agencies like the Champion Centre, or the regular afternoon kindy talks, Mr Cahill has diligently doled out the info with a big smile - photographic evidence attached!

Excitingly, we have handed out all of the brochures we received as part of last year's Super Boost, but thankfully my printing budget can accommodate for the million brochures included in each information pack.

Mr Cahill is SO efficient and has already recruited kindy students for 2024, so there will be plenty of time to practice the commute in the lovely warmer months.

As a side note, we've expanded our Attendance team, meaning that more attendance officers = more staff who are out and about walking with families. There's nothing better than taking meetings outside and making the most of our time in the sunshine. As a bonus, it's made us extra aware of hazards and changes to the area, which is definitely the expert information we're wanting to pass along to our new Neerigen Brook buddies.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Heather - Mr Cahill looks like a great person to have on the team getting the Your Move message out to the new starters 😊. His efforts have earned Neerigen Brook 50 points and you have earned another 10 points for your engaging story. I must say that I'm glad you included that photo, because I was a little unsure at first it the talks related to Active Travel 😉! Pretty impressive that he has already started on the 2024 cohort 😁.

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