We are excitedly counting down the days until we receive our fabulous school access guide from West Cycle.

It was critical that we heard from a wide range of students and families to learn more about popular travel routes. Getting to know the area will help us to meet one of our key priorities - improving safety via infrastructure improvements - to better serve the local community.

To get this information, our team distributed area maps to each class. Students were invited to take the maps home to complete with their families, to then bring them back in to finish off in class. Our team carefully looked through the maps to mark key areas and sort the maps into piles of similar routes.

According to one of our Your Move team members, K, mapping's "pretty good"!

Now that we have this information, we've edited our school access guide to better reflect community needs. Our Safe Routes to School project is well underway, and it's so exciting to watch it all come together. Great work, team!

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Heather - using coloured pencils is a vital skill to become a town planner or transport planner! No joke. 😉 You could be inspiring the next generation of Department of Transport legends!! Great to hear that everyone had fun completing this important task - and they earned 25 points doing so (and you earned another 10 points for putting together another great story).

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Thanks, James - I definitely agree that you're never too old for coloured pencils at work!

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