National Ride2School Day (3)

Heather Barrett

Today was our first time celebrating National Ride2School Day. Our kids were VERY excited and we had a massive turnout to our breakfast BBQ, complete with delicious healthy smoothies made on the City of Armadale's blender bike. Our students' frenetic peddling made over two hundred smoothies for our parents, carers and classmates - wow!

We were so fortunate to have the Armadale Police Bike Squad attend our breakfast as guests of honour. Our kids got to ask so many thoughtful questions about the work they do for our community and how they help to keep us all safe.

Even better, our bike rack was FULL for the first time! I think we know what our next project will be...

Overall, National Ride2School Day was a massive success. We had a huge turn-out and it was a fantastic way to start our day. We can't wait to brainstorm ways to make our 2022 celebration even better.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the extra details of you R2SD event Heather - you have earned another 10 points on-top of your previous story (we actually count the breakfast event and the R2SD as a single event). Great to hear that the kids appreciated hearing from the Bike Squad too! I'll be watching out to see how your bike parking project goes - see you soon!

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