We completed our first survey today. Not quite the results we were hoping for - typically we have more students riding to school, but changes in weather and routine have seen a drop in riders. We're hoping to use these results as a springboard for change - wish us luck!

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James (Your Move)

Hello Heather! And a big welcome to you and all at Neerigen Brook PS from all of us at Your Move! I'm James - I review stories posted to make sure you don't miss out on any points and to help you get the most from the program. Well done for successfully posting your very first story and correctly linking it to the related activity - that has earned you 12 points. Don't worry too much about the results of your first survey - many schools are experiencing similar issues this month, and to look on the bright side, it means you will have plenty of scope for improvement as you delve into all the wonderful Your Move activities you can do to make positive change!

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