As part of our active travel initiative - Fume Free Fridays - we have been hard at work promoting walking, riding, and scootering to our lovely students.

One way we've been celebrating our successes and promoting the event at the same time (talk about efficiency!) is by distributing some of the books we received from the Your Move reward shop to celebrate our "Mover of the Week".

Our student team carefully designed, printed and attached beautiful labels to each book. Once the books were ready, our Principal was all set to visit the bike racks and chat to our arriving students and families.

Participating students are in the running for a book reward. The winners are treated to a fresh, new book they can take home and read. Awesome!

Providing books as a reward is a double-win: it helps us work towards our literacy goals, and promotes Your Move. Double whammy!!

Looks like we'll need to keep working hard to afford enough books...

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Heather I always say there is SO MUCH MORE to YM than active travel (although that is a cornerstone!) Of course all the Rewards books are AT themed so as you say win-win! Love the student designed labels! Well done NBPS.

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James (Your Move)

Great effort Neerigen Brook YM team (and Heather!). I love the tags the team designed, and those books just make me want to get reading! I have linked your story to the activity "Run an active travel rewards campaign" for the term (we have already scored your FFF for Term 2). That earned you 50 points and another 10 for giving us such a delightful story.

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