We've been making great use of the Your Move communications pack to boost our social media, newsletter, and internal communications posts. A big big thank you from the Neerigen Brook team to the person who wrote the pack - there's so many good excerpts included!!

One thing we've found really effective in getting staff, students and families on board is sharing the why - why are we investing time and effort into Your Move, especially since the year is already so jam packed? It's so much easier to gather support when people understand the logic behind the action, and so publicising our reasons makes the rationale explicit and accessible.

For anyone who's yet to hear, Microsoft Teams is the place to be when getting your school organised. Forget clunky shared drives and scattered emails, folders, and print-outs - pop it all into one neat, convenient place! Teams makes it so easy to share information, just like we shared a bit about our why today.

We've already made great strides with Your Move, but we recognise there's still much more to be done. Simple things like sharing info from the packs definitely lightens the load, and helps us get back to what we love doing most - getting out there with the kids and enjoying the sunshine!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the positive feedback on the YM Comms Pack Heather! It is really helpful for us to know when resources are appreciated. You have earned 22 points for sharing your use of the pack and a bonus 10 for not skimping on the details. I must say, you have prompted me to have a look into using Teams too - I really appreciate that tip!

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You're welcome - I appreciate the effort the YM team puts in to provide resources, it definitely makes a difference.

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