We had so many parents and families getting involved in our community survey, and so many excellent ideas being presented. We thought it would be a fantastic move to gather feedback and ideas from staff as well to ensure we are putting our best foot forward for Term Two.

Like the family survey, we created a short list of questions posed via a Google Form. The link was shared in the staff bulletin and posted on the wall of the staff room to encourage as many people to participate as possible. It was critical that we collected information from our casual staff, too, and so we had iPads available in the staff room with the survey already loaded to maximise accessibility.

We had a record number of responses - 29 in one day! It was fantastic to see so many thoughtful responses and suggestions about how we can get more active. Once all staff have finalised their responses - only a few are left! - the admin team will meet to reflect to consider what changes we can make to improve our frequency of active travel. It's been encouraging to see staff interest in active travel - now, we just need a plan to get us all moving and grooving.

We're working towards establishing a carpool system, as most of us live a little way away from the school. Two suggestions have resonated strongly with our staff - implementing priority parking for those who carpool, and establishing a teaching block competition based on the number of carpool trips made each term. As we finalise the survey, we will contact those interested in starting our carpool chain to pair up people in similar locations.

Overall, our staff engagement with the Your Move program has been awesome. With planning underway for Term 2 - look out, SDERA! - we are ready and willing to get on board with active travel. Stay tuned for more Neerigen Brook news...

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James (Your Move)

Thanks again Heather - this is very interesting. Great to hear you are aiming to get a carpool system up and running. It is also interesting to see that 24% of staff would like to walk to school - it seems you actually have quite a few staff who live relatively local. I have relinked your story to "Complete a simple activity" which gives you 25 points (and means you can use the "Promote travel options to staff" activity later if you do some further promotion). You have also received 20 points for giving us so much information.

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