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Heather Barrett

We are half way through our second active year in the Your Move program, and it has been fantastic to look back at what we have achieved so far.

Achieving double platinum status last year was a massive accomplishment for Neerigen Brook and we are hoping to get there again in 2022. It has been such a busy year with everything happening in our little corner of the world which has really affected our ability to put 110% into the program.

Saying that, we are going to keep marching on and working hard at embedding active travel into our school community. After talking with the team and seeking feedback from other staff and students, we have decided that our number one priority is continuing to raise awareness of what Your Move is, and what it has done for our school.

Student feedback has been largely positive, especially about the two terms of bike education that we have been so lucky to receive. I have been told to work hard so we can get it again, so clearly there is a lot of passion there!!

We still see many of the umbrellas we ordered last year being used for our walkers - so good! We'll definitely be placing another order soon.

Bring on the second half of 2022 (shh...I am running behind!) - and let's see what we can accomplish with the local community.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Heather - welcome back to Term 3 😁. Well done for taking the time out to reflect on your year so far (that has earned you 15 points). I'm glad to hear that the students enjoyed the bike ed and that you are going to be doing some more promo. You have earned 10 points for using social media this term to promote Your Move and another 10 for sharing the details of your reflections and your FB post in this story.

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It's good to be back on Your Move - got sidetracked with other projects for a little while, but we're back and ready to go. Fingers crossed that we can earn another bike ed incursion!

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