Term 1 Hands Up Survey

Heather Barrett

After fighting technical issues, misplaced papers, and dodgy handwriting, we have finally compiled our hands up survey (thank goodness).

It's so exciting to see our bike travel percentage increasing - having a secure bike shelter is definitely making a difference.

We also have a crossing warden outside of the school most days, which plays a major role in getting our families to school safely.

As we move into wintery weather, the challenge will be maintaining these increases. We'll be looking to secure some more umbrellas to give away, as well as promoting the use of raincoats when things get blustery.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Heather - I glad to hear that you overcame all those challenges, phew 😌! It would have been a real shame to not have got those rewarding results through. Well done everyone - your efforts are certainly paying off. You have earned 10 point for sharing your HUS reflections here.

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