We formed our student team at the end of Term 1, and were so pleased to have our first meeting at the beginning of Term 2.

Our students were quick to identify lots of opportunities for action in our community – I think we’re about to have a pretty busy term!

One activity that our team was keen to implement, championed by Your Move Leader S, was the recess fitness club. She suggested meeting twice a week at recess on the oval to run or walk-and-talk with friends.

S was pretty positive that it would be a hit, but we had no idea we’d get so busy! Our first session had 58 students participating, who travelled a total of 306 laps – that works out to be 61.2 kilometres!

After three weeks of training, the team has decided to increase training to three days a week. S is also helping the other Your Move leaders to design a leaderboard to crown our fitness champion.

Building our fitness will help our students increase their confidence in travelling to and from school. It’ll also help grow our connections and friendships, and our team is delighted to see the turnout.

Here’s what S had to say in a PA announcement after the first session:

"Hi, my name is S and this term we have started a fitness training for our overall fitness so at recess on Monday and Friday you can come on the oval and each lap you get a stick and at the end you can count your popsticks and try to beat your record. Today we had a total of 58 students participate so thank you. They did 306 laps as a team. That’s a total distance of 61, 200 meters or 61.2 kilometres."

Thanks for your superstar efforts, S and team – you’re off to a phenomenal start!!

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