Heather Barrett

This post has been A LONG TIME coming - if you know me, you know my two loves in life are policy writing and bike tracks. Fortunately for me, my captive audience at Neerigen Brook were open to hearing a pitch about why Your Move deserved to be in our new business plan, which we have been hard at work writing over the past year.

As part of the new business plan, we have had a major overhaul of our website to create a staff portal, which allows us to conveniently access documents from anywhere and everywhere - I will share a link when it is up and running for the public.

The Executive Team has loved what we are doing with Your Move and invited us to collaborate on an infrastructure plan! This fits under one of our key areas - use of resources.

The infrastructure plan has been embedded as one of our targets for the next few years.

We are still finalising the infrastructure plan, but we have made sure to work Your Move into the draft copy, as it is one of our major levers for securing upgrades and grants.

I can't wait to share more of our infrastructure plan once we have the finer details worked out. If you've got a current infrastructure plan running at your school, I would LOVE to discuss it with you - please leave your email in the comments and I will get right on that :)

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Heather - great to see you combining your two passions 😊! You have earned 40 points for getting YM into your school plans. I have to admit though that I am a little confused - is YM also in the Business Plan, or is it just the Infrastructure Plan at this stage. As things develop we'd love to know more about how exactly YM has been integrated into these plans. You have earned 40 points for your efforts on this and 20 points for sharing these details.

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At the moment we are finalising both plans - a small nightmare! At the moment the working document says generally "grants and submissions", but that is on the list of changes for the next version to reflect our major sources more specifically. The infrastructure plan will eventually incorporate our traffic management plan that we developed last year, as well as the long-term aims for grant funding (hello, bike track!)

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