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Lara Ognenis
Newman College

Your Move Conference

October 29 and 30, three of the Newman Nature team attended a conference about sustainability and transport. The conference “Your Move” was facilitated by Millennium Kids and hosted by the City of Stirling. We were lucky enough to work with local primary schools to discuss and create solutions to reduce the environmental impact of transportation to and from school.

Did you know that transportation accounted for 14% of our carbon footprint? Unfortunately, in Australia this figure is increasing at a rate of 2.5% per year. What can we do to help minimise our carbon footprint?

The two-day conference was informative and interesting and has helped the team to come up with many new ideas that we are excited to implement in the College this term and in 2020.

Thank you to Miss Monisse and Mrs Ognenis who attended the conference with us. Thank you to Newman College for offering us the opportunity to be involved in a dynamic and informative conference, and their ongoing support in making our community more and more environmentally aware. Thank you to the City of Stirling, Millenium Kids and the Your Move organisation for such an engaging and worthwhile experience.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Lara and the Newman team. And Welcome to Your Move! I'm James and I review all stories published to make sure that you get the maximum YM points possible. I have linked this story to the "Attend YM Professional Development Session" which has earned you 50 points. It's great that so many ideas were developed on the day - we look forward to reading more as you progress through the YM program.

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