Bike Safety Education

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School


As a part of the year 3 curriculum and extension activities, students in year 3 room 7 have had the opportunity to partake in Bike and Riding Safety education this term.

Using resources from SDERA, the Department of Education, plus other Bike safety packs, the students completed worksheets, brainstormed ideas and worked in small groups to better understand the importance of knowing the area that you are riding in and the road rules relating to cycling. The students have also developed the basic knowledge required to maintain a bike and helmet correctly. Students completed a range of activities including problem solving situations they may find themselves in, relating to riding and bike safety. The bike education sessions ended with an art class, in which the kids drew bikes and wheels, to decorate the classroom.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like the kids are now much better equipped to jump on their bikes in safety now. You have earned 15 points for this classroom activity.

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