Constable Care Safety School Fun!

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

On Thursday 26th November the two Year 4 classes went on excursion to Constable Care Safety School. The excursion was part of the Gold Connecting School Grant unlocked earlier in the term. The grant included a fully paid for excursion to the safety school, including entry and transportation to and from the venue. The students had a fun time on the morning with plenty of learning along the way. Here's what one of the students had to say...

Wow, we are at the Constable Care Safety School! It's absolutely amazing, I can't believe this is really happening!! We are very happy to have been here, we really REALLY enjoyed it, especially riding the bikes...wait, NO, everything was just perfect. We must say we adored the roads, traffic lights, buses, benches, helmets and the pedestrians of course. Written by Charlotte G.

Here are a few more quotes from the students who attended: "My favourite bit was riding on the bike." "Alexander, Yvette and Jacinta taught us how to drive (ride bikes) on the road and most of the road rules like give way to pedestrians on zebra crossings. They also taught us how to be good pedestrians teaching us the safe places to cross the road." "I learnt the 4-2-1 rule to fit my bike helmet".

The school hopes that more students can visit the safety school in 2021. Thanks Your Move for this great opportunity.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your excellent report on your Constable Care Safety School visit, Julie and Charlotte. Great to hear that everything was perfect! Letting us know what you used your unlocked grant for has earned you 40 points, plus a couple of bonuses - 10 points for making it such a good read and another 5 for including the students' perspectives. Did you know that you can earn another 25 points if you share a pledge for 2021? All the details are here: Be quick though - Monday is the deadline!

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