Constable Care Safety School Visit part 2

Tracie Doherty

On Thursday 29th and 30th of April, the Year 1&2 classes made their way to the Constable care Safety School in Maylands.

The students were met by a lovely crosswalk attendant who helped us cross the road safely before entering the Safety School. Alexander, our presenter, then took us into the classroom and taught the students about bike and road safety. They will never forget the 2-4-1 rule when putting n their helmets.

After the classroom instruction, the students were divided into two groups and practiced crossing the road, the railway crossing, and the zebra crossing while our friends were in the traffic on their bikes.

Here is what some of our students had to say: Kurtis," I stood very far away from the broken power line. my class did too. We were safe."

Georgia," I learnt the 2,4,1 rule so I can put my helmet on safely."

Zayn," I liked riding bikes because you can go fast but you had to look at the lights and slow down. You had to brake for people on the road too.

Jasmine," I had a blue bike and no training wheels. I like stopping at the traffic lights.

Kaiden," Annabel and I got scooters to ride. I liked it because we got lots of exercise."

Lucas," I liked it because I had a red bike and I am in red faction. I liked stopping at the lights. it was fun. I stopped at the pedestrian crossing too."Then we were measured for our bikes and thoroughly enjoyed following the road rules and staying on our left was really challenging. It was great fun creating our own routes as we made our way around the town.

Thank you to the Your Move program for making this excursion possible.

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James (Your Move)

I just love it Tracie! Your exposé of the safety school trip has brought a huge smile to my face (resulting in 10 "good read" bonus points)!! I love that bike colour is such an important factor in the success of the day - who would have guessed? You have earned 50 points for your excursion, plus another little 5 point bonus for sharing so much student content.

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