Dress -Up Your Bike Day @ Noranda

Zarina Sallie

Despite the weather forecast, Wheelie Fun Friday was a huge success. With the inclusion of our inaugural Dress-Up Your bike competition, the atmosphere was electric and we had 83 students who rode their bikes or walked to school.

On Friday, we saw the start of a new campaign to promote active travel. It is called, In It To Win It. The inter-class competition will see the class with the most active travellers over the next five weeks win a prize. The results are updated every couple of weeks and displayed on the Your Move information board which has become a permanent feature at our school.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like Fridays are really becoming a big event at Noranda 🤩! It must feel like you have really reached a critical mass Zarina. You have earned 60 points for your interclass comp and 20 points for including a dressup your bike element in your Wheely Fun Friday. There was also 10 extra points for clearly explaining how things work and a final 5 for sharing your participation numbers.

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