Kick-Off meeting

Tracie Doherty
Noranda Primary School

After the excitement of unlocking the Connecting Schools grant, the Your Move team waited for things to settle before we swung into action to discuss exactly what it is that we wanted. The students had concerns about the bike shelter and in particular, were concerned that injuries may occur because of the uneven and cracked surface. We also knew that a renovated bike shelter was was the students wanted.

Ms Harrison, our Acting Principal, worked her magic and secured a competitive quote of $7499. This meant that our goal was now within reach. The Your Move team were so excited to hear this and had an early celebratory pizza lunch.

Next we had a kick-off meeting with Carol-Ann and David from Your Move HQ to discuss what our plans. However, they didn't quite fit within the parameters of the grant. Carol-Ann and David, like true champions, were happy to take our ideas to management to seek approval. Discussing what our plans were, possible time lines and constraints created a very interesting and productive meeting and left us waiting to hear the outcome...

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tracie - between the problem-solvers at DoT and the Noranda problem-solvers I am certain that a positive solution will be found 😊. Thanks for sharing the inside story of your team meeting (that earned you 10 points) and also of your planning meeting with Carol-Ann and David (15 points) - you have also earned 10 points for the engaging nature of your story.

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