Leadership Lab

Zarina Sallie
Noranda Primary School

Millennium kids, the organisation that conducted the Your Move leadership labs on Wednesday and Thursday, 18th and 19th of August, were simply the best.

At the Leadership Lab, the team was inspired to develop our own active travel strategy, to help promote and encourage our community to ride or walk to school. The team learned new skills, created a project, and pitched our project to experts.

After registration, we did a group activity called, futures thinking. At the feedback session, we discovered that our team's thinking aligns with the UN's 17 sustainable goals.

We rotated through four groups, run by the Department of Transport, the Education Department, the RAC and Millennium Kids, where we learned about public transport and how to use the education resources that are available for schools. We also designed an 'Intelli vehicle" and practiced how to present a fact in a fun way. We were given the opportunity to use the Your Move resources to build on our leadership skills. We looked at event coordination, the importance of data and how to make a great team. Listen, share and encourage are the three words that stood out.

On Day two, we had planning time to prepare the project that we would pitch to the experts. Through events such as Wheelie Fun Friday, competitions, special active travel events and bike education, our school community is aware of the importance and benefits of active travel. On some days, we have as many as 30 bikes in the bike shelter. In a survey, the students at our school have said that one of the reasons that they are reluctant to ride to school is because the bike shelter is in disrepair. They raised concerns around cracked and uneven paving, the entrance to the bike cage being too narrow and they easily knock into other bikes when storing theirs. The team decided that we should make, revamping the bike shelter, our project. Although it seems ambitious, we are certain that we can achieve it with the help of Your Move and our school community. Below is a snapshot of our pitch.

After pitching our project to the panel of experts, we feel that we are ready to present it to the school's P&C and to the staff. The two days ended with a presentation ceremony and chocolate. We have also learned so much from the 10 other schools that attended. We were blown away by their ideas. It was simply marvellous! Thank you to Your Move and Millenium Kids for this fabulous opportunity.

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James (Your Move)

Many thanks, Zarina, for your engaging and in-depth breakdown of the two day Leadership Labs. I'm so happy to hear that the students agreed on a very tangible and well needed project to focus on - I look forward to hearing how it comes to fruition 😊. You and the Team have earned 70 points for attending the two day PD and 20 points for putting together a great story on it.

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