National Walk To School Safely Day

Tracie Doherty

We had a terrific turn out this morning with Noranda Primary having lots of students actively travelling to school. Our brand new promotional flag (which we secured through the Your Move reward store) directed everyone to our Breakfast and Coffee Pledge Station. One of our year 1 parents even commented on how few cars were around our school this morning!

Our wonderful P&C secured a donation from Woolworths Noranda of fruit, juice boxes and yoghurt pouches. A big thank you to Phil, the manager at our local Woolworths store who took time out of his day off to attend our event and Sharon Pyke from our P&C for approaching our local store. It is wonderful to see our community working together.

Our Coffee Pledge station, manned by our trusty band of volunteers served hot coffee to those in need while securing a pledge of more active or safe travelling around our school and community.

The students thoroughly enjoyed their morning snacks while proudly wearing their tattoos and stickers.

Noranda is really generating an active travel buzz.

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James (Your Move)

How wonderful that your NW2SD was such a success 🤩! I love that the Woolies manager took time out to come along too. I hope he walked 😉! You have earned 40 points for your event and another 50 for having a Parent Pledge activity in there (I'd love to hear more details of that, perhaps as the topic of another story?). You also earned 10 points for the engaging nature of your story.

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