NR2SD was a big success at Noranda Primary in 2021.

Students were greeted at the gates by our enthusiastic Team Leaders and wonderful parent volunteers. Upon arrival, all students were given a raffle ticket. This entitled them to a free prize from our bank of Your Move prizes PLUS a chance to go in the draw to win one of 4 fully stocked backpacks.

It was terrific to see a total of 166 students and their families riding or walking to school! 50% of active movers arrived from our K-3 classes while the other 50% came from our senior and middle classes.

Our Team Leaders did a wonderful job promoting the event by visiting classrooms, discussing routes, showing prizes, and even creating their own slogan...Keep Fit and Enjoy! They made regular PA announcements to keep the momentum going each day.

On the day, one of our volunteers collected some data to inform us how many students rode a bike, or a scooter and from which year group. Upon reflection, we will do a survey at every entry point with our next major event.

Congratulations to all who rode or walked to school and well done to our backpack prize winners!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tracey - thanks for the extra details about your R2SD success. Sharing your 166 student particpation has earned you another 5 points for the day, and all the extra details (like the students' promotional efforts) have earned you another 10 points. Your reflection on how to improve the survey also earned you 5 points. Keep up the great work!

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