NWS2SD a great success

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Last Friday 11th September, we held our inaugural Walk Safely to School Day. The sun was shining and with blue skies above, we had streams of students and their families entering the school on foot and by bike and scooter! To greet the kids on arrival, the Road Safety Student team had a piece of fruit, donated by Noranda Woolworths, a raffle ticket and a sticker to give to every student. We had over 115 students entering the school via one of the two safe back entry points, and a number of the students took advantage of the Park n Walk area across the oval.

The event was on the same morning as the assembly so the Road Safety students stood up at the assembly and drew the raffle and announced the winners of the colouring-in competition. There was much interest in the raffle prizes which were rewards redeemed through the Your Move online shop and included backpacks, umbrellas and books.

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James (Your Move)

115 students is a brilliant outcome - well done team! Good work too making that link with your local Woolies to help out. You have earned 40 points for your event plus a 5 point bonus for sharing your participation numbers. Is your Park and Ride an on-going thing, or was it arranged just for the event day?

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