Positive Planning

Tracie Doherty
Noranda Primary School

As the Your Move grants get closer to being released the Your Move Champions held a meeting to discuss what we would like to do with funds we may be eligible for or receive.

There was a lot of excitement in anticipation of unlocking one of the bigger grants. Bike racks, concrete, fencing, banners and wayfinding signs were all discussed.

Our Your Move student team is in the process of creating a survey for students to see which improvements they would like around the school. When left to their own devices, the students' ideas are amazing!

Thus far, for our short-term goals, we have planned two major events next term. The first major event is a Car Space Challenge Day along with our regular Wheelie Fun Fridays culminating in the second major event which will be the Christmas Bike Parade!

During the meeting, the discussion centered around more involvement from the wider school community, and it was decided that the Your Move champions, and The Your Move student team will present the benefits of the program to the P&C. The goal is to generate more interest and to drum up support for the upcoming projects.

Our long-term goals are; to have a revamped bike shelter, wayfinding signs and a walking school bus. It may seem ambitious, however, our timeline is until the end of 2022.

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James (Your Move)

What a productive team meeting 😊! Great to hear some real thought and planning is going into deciding on a potential Connecting Schools grant outcome. And all those upcoming events - I can't wait to hear how they go! Great idea too to engage more with your P&C. You have earned 10 points for your T3 team meeting and 20 points for sharing so many details of the session.

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