Promoting Active Travel

Zarina Sallie

Newsletter Article: To promote regular active travel and our very popular Wheelie Fun Friday, the Your Move team posted the following article in our school's newsletter. Please see screenshot below or click on this link to access the article. You can find it under the heading; Benefits of the Your Move Program.

Assembly Item: 2 members of the Your Move team, very bravely and confidently, invited the school community to take part in Wheely Fun Friday and also promoted the Dress-up Your Bike competition.

Recess and lunch: The Your Move team was out there promoting Wheely Fun Friday and handing out competition entry forms for the Dress-Up Your Bike competition.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing how you used the Comms Pack Zarina - that has earned you 22 points. I look forward to seeing the results of Friday's WFW and Dress Up Your Bike event! You have also earned 25 points for your 2 members' efforts at the assembly. There was also a final 10 points for giving us so much info in the story. I inserted a screenshot of your newsletter article to make it a little simpler for readers to access 😊.

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