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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School


Our Suggestion Box

 This box will be introduced at the first assembly 2020. It will be located in the school library for convenience for staff, parents and students. In the box there will be copies of school maps which show safe pathways that students can use when walking and cycling to school.

The student committee have spoken and in term 1 will be planning SMART goals that can be achieved. One of these will be information about parking at the rear of the school oval, and walking the rest of the way. This goal is our key outcome as the congestion that pick up and drop off times have become a huge concern for both staff and students. Posters and information will be sent home to encourage this with regular meetings with both student and parent committees.


Next year will be the first time this program will be introduced therefore we do not want to set too many expectations, and the students want to focus on the promotion through newsletters, assemblies and posters in first term.


Long term planning

The students have brainstormed ideas that include promoting walking and riding days and running obstacle courses later in the year. The obstacle courses would be set up for students to take part in at lunchtimes on set days. When able both a representative from the parent and student committee will be attending parent information talks. The students from Noranda are very excited and motivated to help keep our school safe.






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James (Your Move)

I'm not surprised the team are excited - these are some fun plans to really look forward to. Remember to let us know how each activity goes next year, as we give points once the activities have occurred. 2020 looks like it will be a super year - sharing these additional plan details has earned you 10 points.

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