Term 2

Noranda Primary school

This term we will be planning for term 3.

Due to the current pandemic, like all school’s parents are dropping their children off at different gates around the school. I will be talking to the committee regarding this and how we can promote this new style of delivery to the school.

Many parents are starting to park in areas which we had thought could be a good idea, so we will be looking at how this can be done and asking parents and students to give it a go.

Due to the current situation a committee member alerted me to an increase of students walking and even a few extra bikes and scooters.

In the next few weeks I hope to get together with the students and the parent committee to discuss this more.

Until then

Stay safe and well, and stay moving.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing how things are going at Noranda during the Covid-19 situation. Are you thinking of doing a 'Park and Walk' system from some of these alternative parking areas? Fantastic that walking and 'wheeling' is on the rise too! Your reflection has earned you 10 points.

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James (Your Move)

PS make sure you let us know how your planning sessions go so that I can award you point for that too.

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