The Squeaky Chicken Lesson

Tracie Doherty
Noranda Primary School

On Wednesday 16th of June, People On Bicycles returned to Noranda Primary School for our second bike-ed lesson.

The Pre-Primary students were delighted with the sunshine and thoroughly enjoyed riding their bikes. They could not stop talking about it.

Toby from room 15 said," We rode over the squeaky on our bike! I wasn't wobbly or wonky. I rode smoothly over him!"

Alec said,"I bought my own bike. It has pedals without training wheels now ! I have been practising. I can ride my bike now.

Anna said," My mum bought my old bike and it is very big. I liked it when I could turn and run over the chicken! I can pedal smoothly and I got a high five when I ran over the chicken!"

One of our fabulous Education Assistants, Mrs Williams, commented on how student focussed the program is. She also noted that the instructors ensured the all the students were successful, even the most reluctant riders.

A big thank you to People On Bicycles for helping our Pre-Primary students become confident riders.

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James (Your Move)

That title really pulled me in Tracie - I wondered if maybe it was the squeaky chicken that gets the oil 🐓🐓🐓😆. Thanks for giving all these extra layers to your Bike Ed experience - that has earned you another 15 points (including 5 for the student quotes)! I bet the kids are going to be talking about it all weekend 😊.

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