Welcome Wednesdays

Tracie Doherty

A new initiative started by the Your Move leaders for 2022 is Welcome Wednesday.

Each pair of Your Move leaders position themselves at an entry point to the school grounds and simply meet and greet our school community as they arrive. They promote active travel and encourage students to walk, ride or scoot to school.

Shy at first, the leaders soon warmed up to meet and greet, students, parents and teachers on a chilly Wednesday morning.

We have advertised Welcome Wednesday on our display board and are encouraging students and parents to give us feedback on ideas they have or improvements we could make to promote active travel in our school.

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Natasha (Your Move)

Well done to you and the Your Move leaders! I am interested to know what impact this will have on your school community travel habits.🚴‍♂️ You have earned 90 points for starting a regular active travel day and 10 points for a good read😃

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