Wheelie Fun Friday Returns!

Tracie Doherty

In keeping with our goal to promote regular active travel days, Wheelie Fun Friday has returned to Noranda Primary for 2021!

With a haul of terrific new prizes, we saw 87 students from K-6 riding their bikes to school for our first WFF for the year!

Our bike rack was bursting at the seams with bikes and scooters as students eagerly made their way to school together.

It was great to see so many parents accompanying their children on such a beautiful morning.

The terrific turn out has inspired a school-wide competition... Are You In It To Win It ? Stay tuned for more details !

Miss Fullarton, our Acting Principal had some terrific comments that went out in our newsletter this week. This is what she had to say:

The Your Move program continues to be very popular and the school and students are seeing the benefits. Last week we had two classes attend the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands. This excursion was subsidised by the Your Move program. Wheely Fun Friday started up again last week and was also successful. The Your Move student team with support from Mrs Sallie and Mrs Doherty were well prepared and on hand to give out prizes to students who rode or scooted to school.

It was fantastic to see our senior students taking the lead and this is what they had to say: Sophia Year 5, " WFF is something that kids can look forward to and enjoy! "

Isabella Year 6, " It's great because you get to socialise with friends when walking or riding to school."

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James (Your Move)

Great story Tracie! It is excellent that 87 students (and parents, and judging my the photo, at least one staff member) took part in the first WFF this year. I'm intrigued by the upcoming "Are You In It To Win It?" comp! Your big day has earned you a suitably big 90 points. And Miss Fullarton's newsletter article has earned you another 22 points. You also received 5 points for sharing your participation numbers, 5 for including student content and 10 for just posting a great story!

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