Wheelie Fun Weather

Tracie Doherty
Noranda Primary School

Whelie Fun Fridays have returned to Noranda Primary School! Due to a very busy term and some very wet weather, we haven’t been able to ride, scoot or walk very often.

Mrs Sallie has been perusing the bike shelter each day and counting the number of bikes ridden to school and despite the poor weather we often have between 12-15 bikes! On Wheelie Fun Fridays we have between 25- 30 bikes in the bike shelter.

Today’s weather was ideal for riding and there was a great turn out of active travellers for the last day of term. Our event coincided with Dress Up as your Favourite Team Day. As our photos show there were lots of competing team colours!

Our Your Move leaders are now experts in directing traffic and setting up and packing away after each event.

Today we had 71 active travellers with an even spread of travellers across the school.

Our team leaders reminded everyone to continue with their active travel in the holidays and to keep their eyes peeled for the stencilled footprints on their local pathways.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that your team are experts at organising WFFs! That clearly is reflected in having 71 students participating this week 😊.You have earned 90 points for continuing your regular active travel day in Term 3, and 15 points for your detailed story and sharing your participation rates.

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