Your Move Takes Over at Noranda Primary

Zarina Sallie
Noranda Primary School

We had a good turnout today for Wheelie Fun Friday, with one of the parents asking if we could have it every day. "It motivates the students to get out of bed early and get ready for school without any fuss."

Our competition, Are You In It To Win It, saw one of our junior classes take the lead. They are very proud of their effort.

We also had the Your Move team present an update at assembly today.

As part of the super boost package, the day was made special because of a visit from the Bike Dr, who did a fabulous job servicing 28 bicycles in record time.

The Your Move team also presented the Early Childhood area with a new set of road signs, because of a grant from Your Move that we unlocked.

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James (Your Move)

First Noranda PS, next the WORLD 😊😂🤣. Thanks for your big update Zarina - you have earned 20 points for sharing all those extra details on your WFF, "Are You In It To Win It" comp and Super Boost (28 bikes safely back on the road is a great outcome 😎). You also earned 25 points for your Term 2 assembly item and 40 points for sharing how you unlocked your Connecting School grant!

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😂😂😂the world. Love it !

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