With mountains of help from a dedicated North Cottesloe parents,we were able to host our first annual Ride/Walk to School breakfast on the morning of Friday 22nd March. Our fabulous parents help chop, sizzle and pour our way to feeding 244 people while they made their way by bike or by foot to our wonderful school. Statistics gathered indicated that 25 dozen eggs, 20 loaves of bread, 40L of milk, 6 whole watermelons and a large box of apples were consumed - we must have gone the distance! Thanks to the generosity of the Town of Cottesloe and WALGA we were able to secure a grant and the assistance of our local IGA in Swanbourne to provide the food. We were also lucky enough to have official Town of Cottesloe representatives come along in support of the event to give out stickers and raffle tickets. TBE were able to supply at discounted prices some great giveaways. It was a real family atmosphere and was so well received, we're definitely doing it again...soon!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome aboard to Your Move, North Cottesloe PS! That is a wonderfully evocative first story Meg. I'm James and I review all stories posted to make sure you don't miss out on any points. I have linked your story to the "Run a breakfast event" activity which gives you 40 points, plus you get another 12 for breaking the ice with your first story. Also as you have posted a very readable story, you get a bonus of 10 points. I'm already looking forward to reading your next 2 stories posted today!

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