Every week, school Prefects go around to each classroom on a Wednesday afternoon to survey students about their walk to school routine. The classroom with the largest proportion of students gets to take 'Gerry the Giraffe' back to their classroom for 2 whole weeks! It's class against class - we still can't manage the younger year level classes to win over the older students but we're working on it!

Latest results: Week 6 & 7 in Term 4

THE WINNER IS...ROOM 8 with 65% of the class walking to school over the 2 week period.

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James (Your Move)

I'd love to see a photo of Gerry! Caring for Gerry sounds like a fun reward for the kids. 65% is an impressive proportion of walkers. Is cycling also included in the campaign? You have received 90 points for having a regular active travel day, 25 points for having the reward of Gerry and a bonus 10 points for filling us in with all the details.

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