Wednesday 27th November saw parents and students diverge on North Cottesloe Primary School for a breakfast to celebrate good weather, getting some excercise and reducing the amount of cars on our local roads. Our students access the school within peak periods where traffic is a problem. To alleviate the congestion, the school will look to re-launch a Walking/Riding School Bus in 2020. This event attempted to promote the use of our very good pedestrian pathways and the new PSP bike path right outside the school gates (or just about!). Next step - a survey in the hope of generating more enthusiasm and support for an ongoing Walk/Ride To School program in the form of a School Bus. What a wonderful event!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Meg. Thanks for sharing your plans for 2020. How amazing is that new PSP, personally I have been awaiting that for many a year! It is great that you have identifed to take advantage of the new infrastructure. We score activities once they have happened (rather than planned) so make sure you keep us in the loop. Having said that, you do get points for organisational things like getting a YM team together, setting up regular team meetings and deciding on a YM plan for the year - so once again, please keep the updates coming!

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