Through various active transport activities our school participated in over the year, we were able to unlock a platinum grant. This gave us access to funding for a long awaited bike track for our Kindy!

The first step was to prepare the space ready for the track. The concrete slab installed was not part of the grant funding. Carol-Ann at Your Move however offered support to help make this step as easy as possible.

Wes and his fantastic team from Centre Court Renovators were contracted for the job. After a couple of meetings, they were able to put together a design that suited our space and desired colour. Although the process did take most of the term to complete, the amount of time contractors were onsite was minimal and this was scheduled around student time.

The track was a bit smaller than their standard installation so they also included numbered parking bays as well. The Your Move grant not only covered the cost of the track and parking bays but 3 new bikes, 2 new scooters and a set of road signs. All of our Christmases had come at once!

The students had quite a surprise when they came to school on the first day of Term 3 with their play space having had a much need facelift with a pop of colour.

This new addition is a fantastic way for the students to start learning the importance of road safety and to practice this in a safe environment. There is already a lot of role play taking place with pedestrians waiting at the cross walks and cyclists giving way.

The Kindy students want to say a big THANK YOU to Your Move for their new bike track and equipment. We appreciate your continued support!

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James (Your Move)

Great story Robin 😁! I can see why you were so disappointed when your first version got lost in cyberspace. Thanks so much for taking the time to repost the story and in so much detail too (those details have earned you an extra 10 points, on top of the 40 points earned sharing how you used your Connecting Schools grant). That track does look amazing - and wonderful to see the kids out there using it in full force 🤩!

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