Through our continued participation with Your Move, we were able to unlock a Bike Promotions Grant. This grant allowed us to purchase bikes, helmets and other safety equipment to help us promote active transport in our school community. To kick off the school year, we encouraged our students to walk ride or roll to school for the month of March.

Students received a token from our Faction Captains every day they chose active transport, giving them a chance to go into the big draw on National Ride2School Day!

Our bike rack was over flowing with many families enjoying the beautiful weather and leaving the car at home.

There were some great prizes on offer which really got our students into the competitive spirit!

Thank you Your Move for supporting our school with this fantastic equipment for our students!

We will continue to run active transport challenges throughout the school year.

We cannot wait to surprise them with more exciting prizes this term!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to YM for Term 2 Robin, and thanks for this super update on the Term 1 goings-on at North Morley. You have earned 40 points for sharing how you used your 2021 Connecting Schools grant and 10 points for your followup details on NR2SD and your AT rewards campaign. It is always nice to see actions shots of event days and the winners and grinners 😊. Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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