Clean Up Australia Day and our Walking School Bus

Robin Gage

North Morley Primary School is excited to be part of the City of Stirling’s Living Green Schools Pilot Project this year! All our efforts on Your Move will help us work towards our goal of reducing our school’s carbon footprint.

We kick started the year with our Walking School Bus students and parent volunteers participating in Schools Clean Up Australia Day 2019 on Friday 1 March. The students were really invested in this cause and made a great effort picking up all the rubbish - including all the cigarette butts - on the way to school. Did you know it takes 10-12 years for a cigarette butt to break down?

Our parents then continued this effort cleaning up rubbish in the school grounds. This all leads up to our school’s big waste audit taking place on Friday 8 March.

We are so proud of our WSB crew!

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James (Your Move)

That's a great story Robin - I've linked it to the "Walking School Bus - Term 1" activity, so you received 90 points for that. Make sure you update us each term on your WSB to get another 90 points each time. I also gave you 10 points for sharing the extra details of your Clean-Up day and another 15 points for the innovative idea of linking your WSB in with the event.

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Awesome work NMPS WSB crew! You are truly creating a cleaner, healthier space in and around your school. Less rubbish and less cars at drop off all achieved by your WSB.

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