Hands Up Survey at Nth Morley for 2021!

Virginia Everall

Today our Faction Captains, who are responsible for Your Move and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the student cohort, in their roles as student leaders surveyed the students. There was an animated discussion regarding the survey results and note was taken of the comparative data and areas for improvement. It was noted that on wet days, like today, a lot of students get driven to school, and this can significantly impact the data. Their goal for the term is to "get the message out there!" and before Ride2School day on the 19th March they will be visiting classrooms and running mini-education sessions around the benefits of active transport and encouraging students to be part of our Walking School Bus

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to YM for 2021 Virginia! Great to see your new team in action - you have earned 10 points for reporting on your team meeting in term1, plus a bonus 10 for giving us all the details on your HUS reflection. You also automatically earn 50 when you upload a survey in T1 or T4. Make sure you let us know how the WSB goes this term!

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