People on Bicycles Incursion

Robin Gage
North Morley Primary School

Over the last two weeks, students from Rooms 1, 5 & 7 have been participating in an incursion run by People and Bicycles. The incursion covered bike maintenance, education and safety.

There were some students who were quite cautious at first having never been on a bike before. After their first session however they gained confidence and were riding for the first time!

Those who were already confident riders still learnt some new tricks and had a better knowledge of road safety.

The People on Bicycles staff were patience and very knowledgeable. This is definitely an incursion we will book in the future.

We want to thank Your Move for making this incursion possible! Your continued support gives us the ability to offer these type of programs to our students.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Robin - ah the joy of learning to ride a bike! Such a leap in independence and freedom for kids. Thanks for sharing the North Morley experience of the People on Bicycles incursion - I have linked your story to the "Bike Education sessions" activity, which gives you 80 points.

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